Techeeks Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. pays very seriously attention to information well being and security. What's more, we've been extremely proactive in grasping the progressions that are occurring in the world with respect to guaranteeing client information sacredness is maintained consistently.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a set of rules that characterize how information privacy and security are pertinent to people living inside the European Union (EU) as well as the European Economic Area (EEA). These guidelines accomplish more noteworthy importance in today’s world when ever-increasing number of clients are believing cloud services with their information, and information leaks/breaks aren't exceptional.

These principles give amplified control to the client over how information identified with them is stored. The GDPR was embraced on 14 April 2016 and turn into infatuate starting 25th May 2018. It makes it totally compulsory for the company to deploy every single essential measure (technically and something else), that hold fast to these information insurance standards in letter and spirit. Any business forms that handle individual natured information should consistently apply the maximum degree of privacy settings by default to regard and maintain client protection consistently, aside from in conditions where the client gives an unequivocal and unambiguous assent for their data to be available publicly.

Information that is personal in nature, will never be processed except if:

  1. The client/information subject gives an informed and unambiguous permission to their information being processed.
  2. It is allowed by different arrangements contained in the law.
  3. The information has to be handled to accomplish a task in public awareness.
  4. The information has to be handled to save somebody's life.

As further note to the client consenting their information to be handled, the client can pull back their assent anytime.

Any organization that is gathering information must, consistently, unveil the legitimate premise, explanations behind doing as such, the time period for which the information will be held, and whether the information will be imparted to any third-party (inside or outside the EU/EEA). The client has the privilege to demand for a portable copy of the information that has been gathered, and can even get their information cleansed off totally in specific conditions

We at Techeeks Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. have consistently add extra endeavors to guarantee that we maintain the best business practices in all circles of our tasks. These moral qualities have constantly guided us in being straightforward, forthright, prospective and completely transparent in the manner we lead our business, including the way we have to deal with client information that is personal in nature. Regardless of whether it be our web services or our software solutions, we have maintained these qualities, and guarantee to do as such consistently to come!